Episode 18 - Why You Should Consider Personal Branding


In today's show, BJ Murphy describes a friend who is thinking more about the future than ever before. They had a conversation about how personal branding may be the outlet he needs to capitalize on his experience and skills while maintaining a rewarding job.

BJ talks about why you should consider a personal brand, how to go all in on your strengths, and he leaves you with a few resources to tap into.

Here's to your success!

Key points

  • Personal branding is not just about you
  • Creating a personal brand will open up new opportunities
  • Decide what you are good at, go all in on your strengths
  • Your content can be re-purposed for different media
  • Get a Facebook Page for content that promotes the brand
  • Beware of paralysis by analysis
  • The most accessible resource is at your fingertips, and it’s free

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