Episode 21 - Why I'm Starting the Facebook Group "Social Media Masterminds"

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The other day, BJ talked about Facebook’s News Feed algorithm announcement and the possible implications for brands and businesses. Social media marketers are probably grappling with the question of how to respond and even taking steps to implement new Facebook strategies.

Today, BJ shares a couple of practical steps he has already taken, and we hope you find this information helpful.  

Here's to your success!

Key points

  • What’s the future of boosting posts?
  • Find creative ways to make sure that people see you first on their timeline
  • Are Facebook Groups the next big thing?
  • The Social Media Masterminds Group

We would love to receive your feedback. Call the BJ Murphy 360 podcast at Anchor.fm or send an email to bj@magicmilemedia.com. Tell us how you are aligning your Facebook strategy with this significant move. And, we’d love to have you as a member of the Social Media Masterminds Facebook Group. Join today!