Episode 22 - I Lost...Now What?

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In today's episode, BJ recounts losing the Mayor's race after serving for two terms. He discusses how he used the moment to teach his daughter, and more importantly, what he did next.

Hear about how he is helping small businesses and personal brands grow in the social media marketplace of today.

Here’s to your success!

Key points

  • Losing the mayor’s race
  • Building up a prospect list
  • Why start a podcast?
  • Repurposing podcast content for a blog
  • The Social Media Masterminds Facebook Group
  • A meeting of minds at the Mastermind Lunch

Maybe you’ll hear something today that sparks some emotion or helps you out. Please call the BJ Murphy 360 podcast at Anchor.fm or send an email to bj@magicmilemedia.com. We’d love to receive your feedback and continue this conversation.

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