Episode 13 - How To Increase Facebook Likes & MailChimp Subscribers

As a business owner, how do you drive Social Media engagement and make sure that your brand remains top of mind for your consumers? During the snow event a week ago, here in Eastern North Carolina, I figured the weather was an excellent opportunity for my clients to reach out to customers via Facebook. We created a buzz that had people sharing photos of what they were up to on an unusually cold day.

Such an initiative makes sense only if you have a sizeable Facebook following, so in this podcast, I share some ideas that could help you increase the number of likes on your Facebook page.

Key points

  • Personal Facebook vs. Business Page audience
  • Using Facebook Ads to increase likes
  • Integrating MailChimp with Facebook
  • Grow your list of email subscribers by using targeted ads
  • How to run multiple ads effectively on Facebook
  • Why you should consider having a newsletter

If you find something useful in this episode, Iā€™d like to hear about it. Call into the show or send an email to bj@magicmilemedia.com. You can record your voice and attach a WAV or MP3 file with your email.