Episode 15 - Social Media Philosophies & Tips to Drive Engagement


As we launched Magic Mile Media we figured out that many small business Facebook pages were stagnant. A few of them posted once a week, but most went weeks or months before anything appeared on their timeline. Because Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms are free, businesses often overlook the importance of social media in building a presence where people get to know, like and trust you.

In this episode, I share four philosophies that I have used with my clients to increase engagement.

Four philosophies:

  • Puppies and babies
  • Relevant > perfect or right (all the time)
  • BBQ stain on white t-shirt
  • Ebb and flow

Other key points

  • You’ve got to tell your story when it comes to your business
  • Social Media allows you to be relevant in the moment
  • It’s okay to show some flaws every once in a while
  • People pay more attention when there are ebbs and flows in your timeline
  • When you stir emotions, people respond by liking, commenting and sharing 

If you hear something that piques your interest, or if you would like to critique me, I’d love to hear from you. Call in on Anchor or send an email to bj@magicmilemedia.com and I might add you as part of the follow up to this podcast.