Episode 27 - Campbell University Business School Speaker

episode 27.png


By far the most analytical and constructive talk I've given regarding leadership, personal branding, social media, interviewing skills, going all-in on your strengths, and more. The Campbell University Lundy-Fetterman School Of Business students asked questions like:

- In talking about goals and standards. Do you have a current goal that you are pursuing?
- What was the biggest difference in strategy for the 2005 campaign that you lost versus the 2009 campaign that you won?
- What sort of management skills did you use during Hurricanes Irene and Matthew?
- You graduated ECU with a business degree. Why was politics your first move versus marketing and building a company like Magic Mile Media?
- I want to follow a more passionate route and turn it into a business, what's the one thing that's kept you motivated and driven? Is it the fear of not having enough resources or not having enough to provide for your family?
- I'm much younger than anyone I work with and I do social media and marketing. What kind of advice would you give me or other young professionals to gain some standing with my older peers?
- You ran for office at 25. What kind of things did you do to get people to listen to you and change the stereotype that politicians are much older?
- How did you and your team reduce crime rates by over 11% during your tenure?
- In a world that's shifting its attention to more team-based solutions, what would you say to someone who's trying to motivate team members who aren't pulling their weight?
- How do you handle social media attacks and negative comments?