Episode 26 - Locked In with Algenon Cash

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Locked In With Algenon Cash

In today's episode of BJ Murphy 360, BJ interviews Algenon Cash about being “Locked In With Algenon Cash.” Algenon is an entrepreneur and civic leader in Winston-Salem, NC and, like BJ, is an alumnus of the E.A. Morris Fellowship for Emerging Leaders.  

They discuss many topics including challenges that start-ups face and the current political climate for small businesses. Algenon also gives some practical advice for millennials who are wanting to get involved in politics.

We hope you enjoy this episode. Here’s to your success!

Key Points

  • #1 tip for small business owners
  • What it means to be “locked in”?
  • Is President Donald Trump helping or hurting small businesses?
  • Becoming part of the solution to society’s problems

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