Episode 32 - Interview with Bryan Hanks

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On this episode of BJ Murphy 360, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Bryan Hanks.

Bryan is the former Editor of the Kinston Free Press, has written for multiple national news outlets, and is an avid sports fan. We've worked together long enough that he's written both favorable and unfavorable editorials about policy/advocacy positions I've taken over the years. As you can tell we've got a great mutual respect for each other.

I visited him at his home (full of Washington Redskins and UVA memorabilia) and we discussed sports, politics including Trump and the state of NC, and more. Our Rapid Fire Round included Lebron or Jordan, Coach K or Wooden, Wood Ducks or Indians, NC East or West BBQ, and when the first female POTUS could be sworn in. Then Bryan asks a Question of the Day that you do not want to miss!

Oh, and you can spot our special guest?