Episode 31 - Algenon Cash is BACK!

We've done this at least once before and had great feedback, so here's another politically agitating, lighthearted, and fun episode for your viewing and educational pleasure. Algenon and I discuss:
NC Leadership Forum, Guns & Mental Health, Trump & Stormy Daniels, Is POTUS keeping his campaign promises?, Free Trade, $1.3 Trillion, 2018 NC Elections, and 2020 NC Governor's Race. 

Episode 27 - Campbell University Business School Speaker

By far the most analytical and constructive talk I've given regarding leadership, personal branding, social media, interviewing skills, going all-in on your strengths, and more. After some background on me, my favorite part of the evening was the quesetions from the Campbell University Lundy-Fetterman School Of Business students.