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Magic Mile Media is a "social first" marketing firm that helps businesses and organizations harness the power of social media through marketing, consulting, and live stream project management. We can help you plan, navigate and implement strategies to ensure you're successful on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and beyond. All we're after is simple...helping you raise brand awareness, grow your customer base, and increase your sales.


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On June 27, 2018, Magic Mile Media launched a fully digital hyper-local news outlet called Neuse News. The team of journalism and marketing professionals reports on daily activities of the Lenoir, Greene and Jones County areas. And, we now have over 3,700 daily email subscribers, 8,000+ Facebook followers, and 65,000 Unique Monthly Visitors to www.neusenews.com. The site is free to consumers and is supported through local advertisements in the email, on the website, and during our special programming.

From the Magic Mile Media Blog

Lip Sync Battle Video with Lenoir County Emergency Services, Kinston Fire Department and Down East Wood Ducks

"Wood Duck Down"

DEWD from the Down East Wood Ducks prepares for the next homestand and has a bit of an emergency. Never fear though because the incredible professionals at Lenoir County Emergency Services and Kinston Department of Fire and Rescue are here to lend a helping hand to keep him "safe and sound". #LipSyncChallenge Texas Rangers Magic Mile Media Disclaimer: DEWD was not harmed during the shooting of this film. And, we claim no copyright to the music.

Watch this video, which explains MMM in 97 seconds.