11 Facebook Advertising Options

Here are the objectives Facebook offers and the different goals they help you achieve:

1. Brand awareness– Increases awareness for your brand.

2. Local awareness– Promotes your business to people who are nearby

3. Reach– Shows your ad to the maximum number of people

4. Traffic– Sends more people to a destination on or off Facebook

5. Engagement– Gets more people to engage with your post or page

6. App installs– Gets people to download/buy your app

7. Video views– Promotes your videos

8. Lead generation– Collects lead information from people interested in your business

9. Conversions– Gets people to take valuable actions on your website or app, such as adding payment information or making a purchase

10. Product catalog sales– Automatically shows products from your product catalog based on your target audience

11. Store visits– Promotes multiple business locations to people who are nearby