Why I started a podcast

By BJ Murphy, President/CEO
Magic Mile Media

In 2018, the idea of a podcast seems a little too commonplace. Podcasts have been around for a while and there are many "voices" in this space. And, there are countless numbers of apps to listen to podcasts (iTunes, Soundcloud, Podcast Addict, Anchor - and these were off the top of my head). 

When I consider what we're building with Magic Mile Media - a multifaceted approach to social media for small business owners and personal brands - one area I keep coming back to is that people want to know what's going on. As a former mayor, I found many times that what people want is accurate information in a timely fashion. In other words, the more I used social media in real time, the more informed the public was, which led to more engagement. 

There are many types of ways to get content to the public: Facebook Status/Video/Image, Instagram Images, Twitter Text/Video/Image, Snapchat Image/Video, and more. All I really want with Magic Mile Media is to help our clients tell their story. In turn, what I've realized is that we need to do a better job of telling our own story. 

We have a Facebook Page, Instagram profile, and Twitter handle, but what we're missing is the voice. Everything I mentioned earlier (image, video, and text) are done with the eyes. However, only one, video, can also be received via your ears. 

Imagine you're driving down the road - are you able to watch anything?

Imagine you're walking your dog - are you able to watch something?

Could you do those same tasks AND listen to the content you're subscribed to? YES

Therefore, I started the BJ Murphy 360 podcast with the help of an app called Anchor. So far I've discussed strategies with your camera lens, why people are turning off TVs, what 2018 SMART Goals should look like and more. 

Hopefully, you'll enjoy this journey with me as I peel back the curtain and discuss the ins and outs of creating a small business and working with clients, to what's the latest in social media that could benefit the market. 

Will you join me?