Social Media 201: Strategies & Best Practices for Entrepreneurs & Marketers

Social media is changing the way we do business, watch TV, and shop. Small businesses and personal brands need to adapt...and fast. BJ Murphy is a B2B sales trainer, social media entrepreneur, and former mayor of 21,000. His company, Magic Mile Media, has partnered with Edge360 Creative and Middle Grounds Coffeehouse to present a FREE Social Media 201 networking event. 

After a decade of using social media to communicate with the public, BJ Murphy started Magic Mile Media to apply his social media marketing philosophies to the small business landscape. Now he's been helping entrepreneurs, small businesses, personal brands, and organizations increase followers, engagement, and sales. This one-hour session will feature some of his insights into the practical application of philosophies that helped him engage citizens for the past eight years.

Middle Grounds Coffeehouse will serve FREE Costa Rican coffee, flavored coffee powder donuts, and mini brownies. Bring your business cards and notepads as we network with other entrepreneurs and dive into topics that could help amplify your social media presence.

About Magic Mile Media: Magic Mile Media is a "social first" marketing firm that helps small businesses and individual brands harness the power of social media through marketing, management and consulting. We can help you plan, navigate and implement strategies to ensure you're successful on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and beyond. All we're after is simple...helping you raise brand awareness, grow your customer base, and increase your sales.

About Edge360 Creative: Edge360 Creative is an Eastern NC based digital marketing agency, passionate about giving you the edge in website design and web development, website hosting, logo design, social media and more. We work with small businesses, nonprofits and corporations from Eastern NC and all across the nation to understand their challenges and provide digital solutions that work.