Social Media and the Modern Marketing Strategy

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SEO and social media marketing are tightly-related inbound strategies that focus on delivering an appealing user experience that attracts new site visitors organically.

Successful social media marketing is built on delivering quality content with a strong, visible brand presence. Good SEO practices can drastically improve your reach, which, in turn, can increase your rankings.

With that in mind, let's have a look at six critical social media practices that should be part of your marketing strategy.

1. Growing Your Social Media Following

Your total number of social media followers has a significant effect on SEO rankings. Keep in mind, however, that Google also detects the overall quality of your followers. They must be organic, never purchased or gathered by other black-hat methods.

While this is a slow process, it is also effective. Present as much unique, branded content as possible utilizing constant quality, voice, and visuals.

2. Generating Backlinks

Social media encourages external sites that link back to your content. The more unique external links you generate, the more authoritative your content will be deemed by Google. Quality is key here, though. Mediocre and/or generalized content will never attract enough links.

3. Optimizing Your Posts for Searches

Google favors popular, relevant social media updates. While temporary, these positions can have long-term effects with consistent posting and engagement habits. Make sure all your posts are optimized to take advantage of this opportunity.

4. Influencing Social Shares

Any verifiable external source that validates either your content or brand will at least slightly improve your rankings. Present pointed calls to action to share posts and provide incentives to do so in the way of great visuals and informative written content that appeals best to your target audience.

5. Locally-Optimize Social Posts

These help build organic local SEO in a number of ways. One easy way to do this is to update whenever your company/brand is involved in local events. Interactions with other local brands may also be shareable.

6. Increasing Awareness of Your Brand

This practice nets some significant SEO benefits. It Increases your social media reputation by increasing engagement and aiding in content syndication. These things, in turn, lead to an increased brand presence.

These are a few ways social media affects modern marketing. The better the experience you create for the user, the better your site will rank. This, in turn, opens the door wide to attract new customers and brand loyalists.

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