BJ Murphy 360 with Algenon Cash

On this episode of BJ Murphy 360, I sat down with Algenon Cash. He's a sought-after political commentator across the state, has chaired the North Carolina Energy Forum, and is the owner of Wharton Gladden - where they are now investing in the new Zesto restaurant in the Triad.

We've done this at least once before and had great feedback, so here's another politically agitating, lighthearted, and fun episode for your viewing and educational pleasure. Algenon and I discuss:
- North Carolina Leadership Forum
- Guns & Mental Health
- Trump & Stormy Daniels
- Is POTUS keeping his campaign promises
- Free Trade
- $1.3 Trillion
- 2018 NC Elections
- 2020 NC Governor's Race

And, in our Rapid Fire Round he's forced to choose between:
- Socks or No Socks
- Fight: Joe Biden v Donald J. Trump
- Dollar or Cryptocurrency
- Coca-Cola or Pepsi

Be sure to listen and respond to Algenon's Question of the Day. Until next time here's to your success!