Is Facebook Really Free?

Are you investing too little into your social media strategy?

Since starting out as a platform to connect college students on campus, Facebook has grown from strength to strength and now boasts over 1 billion users. Many businesses still do not believe social media marketing and posting content on Facebook is worth their focus because they do not have the resources. Either that or they operate B2B and don’t think they can reach their customers through the platform. The fact is, whoever your customers are, whether they’re a consumer or a Procurement Manager, the chances are they have a Facebook account. Facebook is a great opportunity to get in front of your potential customer base, and here’s 3 more reasons why!

It’s free!

It costs you absolutely nothing to start a Facebook page. You can use your logo as a profile picture, existing marketing material as a cover photo and copy content from your website to populate your ‘about’ section and you can create a suitable page in less than ten minutes. Once you have a page, you can start to promote it through your existing marketing channels and grow your community. People will engage with and share your posts and it will begin to grow organically. All it takes is time set aside each week to plan and schedule your content and you’re ready to start reaping the rewards!

Build brand trust

You can and should post frequently on Facebook to increase brand exposure. Over time, this develops trust as people come more familiar with your brand. When people see that you’re active on social media, posting engaging content and responding to comments, it increases the chances of them doing businesses with you. If you run a bakery, a customer who needs a cake for an upcoming Birthday party might see pictures of your cakes on Facebook often. It’s then super convenient for them to comment on a post inquiring about your prices, rather than having to ring you directly. Investing time on social media can build trust and eventually find leads.

Increase website traffic

While you’re shouting about how good your products are services are, you should direct your audience over to your website where they can find out more. This will then give them a chance to find out more about your business and see everything else that your business offers. They’ll also discover links to your other social media feeds here, so that they can get to know your brand even better. Facebook is the perfect platform for developing a relationship with your audience whilst also nudging them towards your offering.


From large multi-nationals to the local car wash, every business has a reason to have a Facebook page. It’s an instant communication route to much of your potential customer base. It’s simple to set up a page, but can be difficult to execute successfully to achieve the maximum rewards. It does take time to create the content and many managers don’t feel they have the time or the ability to do so. However, the fact is that Facebook is a platform with incredible reach and the potential to supercharge your business. You may think you can’t afford to invest the time or the capital in running your Facebook account but the question is – can you really afford not to?