The ROI Of FB Ads: Does Facebook Advertising Work?

We've all been there, testing and trying out a new Facebook ad and hoping for the best before we hit the 'Publish' button. And if you are wondering if Facebook advertising performs in the same way for everyone out there, you should know that marketers have been using this social media platform to earn big money for years. So, the short answer would be - yes, Facebook advertising works well.

As for the long answer...

How Does Facebook Advertising Work And What Is Its Return (ROI)?

If you are new to Facebook advertising, you should know that the difference between paid search and paid social is simple - while paid search helps prospective customers find you, paid social advertising helps your business find prospective customers.

It is up to you to identify your campaign objective or what you want from your Facebook ads. Whether it's an app download, lead generation or increasing your sales, the good thing about Facebook ads is that they work in all directions.

When it comes to actual ROI (return on investment)...

Facebook ads are even better (for now). They are highly visual and align with the ways in which people use the social network. Especially on mobile devices, text based ads coupled with a picture are improving content click-through rates (compared to other advertising mediums) and let you evaluate the performance of your ads, see the analytics in detail and even re-target your audience.

A Final Word

What makes Facebook advertising powerful is the audience of approximately 2 billion users (which is around one fifth of the entire planet's population). On top of this statistic, it is worth to say that most Facebook users actively use the social network daily - which is another reason why Facebook ads are effective.

Facebook is growing, and the platform continues to align strongly with trending media consumption and consumer technology habits. One example would be Facebook’s investment in switching from personal computer driven to a platform designed for mobile devices. This shift has helped many Facebook advertisers earn big money and take advantage of the massive use of smartphones.

As the Facebook user base continues to grow, the opportunities for Facebook advertising will too. It is up to you to test, try and create the best ads out there - and continuously improve your return on investment (ROI).