Small Businesses and Non-Profits Need to Act Fast

As Facebook changes the News Feed, the reality is that small businesses and non-profits that rely on the platform for traffic, are going to get hurt. In their effort to put the social back in social media, the space for Pages is about to get even more limited. Therefore, you must address these four things now:

Facebook Ads & Costs

Big companies are going to be competing against small brands, small businesses, and non-profits, for space in the news feed. Paying for visibility will be an easy option, especially for lazy marketers who won’t want to spend time producing creative content. Because the space available for advertising will also be limited, the costs are likely to go up.

Organic Reach

If you put out a post today, the number of people who see it will be more than the those you expect to see it in future. Organic reach for pages is going to be significantly reduced, so it needs no repeating that we must get more creative, use Facebook Live, and pay for space.

See First

A simple but powerful thing to do right now is to ask followers to adjust their feed preferences so that your page posts appear first. It is a simple process, but you may have to teach people what to do. They need to go to your page, click on "Follow," and then select "See First." This ensures that no matter how much advertising is in their feed, they will see your content. 

Act Fast

Small businesses and non-profits need to act now to influence the probability of their posts showing up in the News Feed.