I Lost the Mayor's Race...Now What?

When he was sworn into office as Mayor of Kinston in 2009, BJ Murphy was the youngest person who had ever served, and the youngest in the entire state of North Carolina at the time. Last year, he sought a third term and lost the race.

What BJ Did Next

After leaving office in November, BJ shifted his focus to Magic Mile Media, a company he started a little over a year ago, right after Hurricane Matthew.   

Here are five things he has started doing since November 2017:

Building up the Magic Mile Media Prospect List

He started from zero (six months in cruise control because of the campaign) and is now looking at a list of 20 prospects, with a few proposals already sent out.

The BJ Murphy 360 Podcast

A podcast was the perfect outlet to let people know that he is in business, bringing years of experience in social media and B2B sales. He launched the podcast in December through Anchor.fm, and it's already available on Google Play Music, iTunes, Overcast, and Pocket Casts.

Turning the Podcast into a Blog

It occurred to BJ that some people prefer to read information, whether on Medium.com, LinkedIn, Facebook or other places. He is working with a partner to turn his podcast episodes into blog posts.

The Social Media Masterminds Facebook Group

With what's happening to the Facebook algorithm, Facebook Groups are an avenue for brands and businesses to drive conversations. BJ started the Social Media Masterminds Group a week ago to engage with social media marketers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, network marketers, and rising personal brands.

Monthly Mastermind Lunch

Once a month, he meets with two like-minded entrepreneurs over lunch to talk about what's going on in the world of business and social media. And there’s a good chance this group will grow, which is exciting.

Losing the mayor’s race has not stopped his passion for serving people. Today he’s finding other ways by giving away more knowledge and content than he receives in return. And, these lessons of failure and determination are helping him to be a better father as well.