How to Make Potential Customers Remember Your Brand

Building brand recognition is vital when launching a business online or locally. In order to effectively make potential customers remember your brand, there are marketing techniques to utilize that help to motivate shoppers while also encouraging interest in your products and services.

Strong Logo Branding

A strong logo is essential for any brand whether you have a local store or you are promoting a new startup online. Strong logos often use fewer than three colors with distinct imagery, iconography, or typography. Without strong logo branding, it becomes increasingly difficult for customers to remember your business and what you represent.

Radio and Audio Ads

Using radio and audio ads are optimal when you have a local business and when you want to increase the amount of foot traffic your shop receives. Radio ads are ideal if you are targeting individuals on their way home from work who might be in need of the products and services you provide. Create catchy slogans or jingles for a campaign that is memorable and that will easily spread virally.

Promotional Products

Promotional products are extremely important when you’re first launching a new business. With promotional materials, you can expose your brand's logo while gaining free promotion from loyal customers, business associates, and even family and friends. Give away pens, stationery, backpacks, and other office necessities to drastically maximize your offline reach. Writing instruments and similar office supplies are kept and used on a daily basis. These simple promotional products can serve as a reminder of your company and the services you offer while customers are signing checks, filling out applications, writing down reminders and taking notes.

Visuals and Social Media

Social media is a great tool to gain online exposure and recognition. Using social media provides you with the ability to share appealing graphics, video media, and even professional photography that best represents your brand and the products you offer. Launch social media campaigns that include your logo and your chosen imagery. Also, be sure that the campaigns highlight your products and how they work.

Unique and Memorable Store Scents

If you have a local store, consider utilizing a scent throughout your location that is memorable and relevant to your brand's aesthetic and image. Memorable store scents are a unique form of advertising that can help encourage customers to return to your shop in the future.

Goodies and Gifts for Customers

Offering customers goodies such as free gifts for making a purchase or swag that includes promotional items is another way to get them to remember your brand. Offer gift bags and freebies for new customers, especially after your grand opening.

Product Packaging

Product packaging is important, especially if you have a tangible product to sell you consumers. It is also a way to get your brand out there and seen. When designing your product packaging, be mindful of your audience and create a design that will visually capture their attention. If your audience is eco-friendly, use recyclable materials for your packaging and mention it so they know. Make the packaging do some of your brand marketing.

Getting creative with branding is essential to help your business stand out. With the right branding and marketing techniques, you can make a lasting impression that is influential, persuasive, and memorable.