How to Make Your Digital Advertising Stand Out from Your Competitors

Digital advertising has become one of the primary ways that you can grow your business if you are an entrepreneur or in charge of a small company. By implementing smart strategies, you will ensure that your marketing dollars will create engagement with a broader audience. Your ads must be well thought out, utilize graphics and videos appropriately, and target a specific demographic.

Use Graphics and Videos To Create Engagement

One of the primary objectives of creating an ad is to make it stand out from the competition. The attention span of your audience has dramatically diminished in the past few years due to a vast array of choices. To combat that, it's essential to utilize a strategy that implements the color scheme, font, and logo of your brand. You want to become recognizable and memorable. Besides, you'll also want to catch the attention of your audience by using GIFs and video.

Using GIFs In Facebook Ads

When you scroll through your Facebook feed, you will probably notice that nothing stands out. Now, imagine having a GIF come along as you are navigating; it will probably catch your eye, make you stop and want to see what's on the other side. GIFs are unlike any other form of creatives — their repetitive, slow-motion characteristics make them almost hypnotic. They make you want to click. Also, they are cheap to make, and you can even use your videos to create them.

Spy On The Competition

Unfortunately, it sometimes takes more than making your ads stand out to give your digital marketing campaign an advantage. To level the playing field, you'll want to snoop on the competition to see the type of ads they run on social platforms such as Facebook. By running a competitive analysis, you'll be able to determine the kinds of design and copy choices that are working for others in your niche. Tools like AdEspresso allow you to get inspired by looking at examples of other companies. There are also many other tools available that will enable you to discover Facebook ads.

Another great way to spy on the competition is to use the SpyFu tool. This is a big help with PPC campaigns. You can check out the history of advertisements used by your competitors. The tool gives you information relating to their visuals, ad copy, and keywords. This should help give you some insight into keywords that the competition is targeting and how they are creating their ads.

To sum it up, spend your advertising dollars wisely. By incorporating smart graphics and videos into your strategy and spying on the competition, you should improve the likelihood that your ads will generate more targeted traffic. If you need a little help, don’t feel afraid to contact the us at Magic Mile Media to take your marketing to the next level.