How to Harness the Power of Social Media to Build Your MLM

Before the Internet, MLM-style marketing was the social networking model of the day. People joining in downlines composed the structure of the MLM business, so transferring this idea to social media marketing is not much of a stretch. In the world of social media, the downline was exchanged for a list of followers and friends. Within the media-rich environment of modern culture, businesses can see tremendous growth in sales by harnessing the power of social networking platforms. Here's what you should know. 

Leveraging Social Media Platforms

Since social media platforms are socially connective by design, it becomes easy to make connections with literally thousands of potential sign-ups and customers for your MLM business. By leveraging a platform's access to people you connect with, you can appeal to the right audience and consumer base you want to connect with. The individuals you want to focus on are those with the greatest abundance of friends and followers in their pool of connections. These people become hubs for reaching vast numbers of other people and serve as launchpads for future viral marketing campaigns.

The Tools to Use

Some essential tools to take advantage of on social media platforms are video-based posts, reviews, testimonials, and hashtags for informing your pool of contacts about what is going on with you and your new MLM business. Another essential tool, an opt-in email feature, opens your pool of social media users up to your email list. By being able to join your email list, you will make it possible for you to market to these individuals directly. This direct contact will become especially critical as stricter regulations on social media sites come into play.


In studies on consumer behaviors, researchers found that social networking accounts for nearly 1 in every 5 minutes of people's time spent online. So if the goal of your MLM is to reach significant volumes of traffic to improve your sign on and sales numbers, then operating from social media platforms is essential to the success of your MLM. Even if you utilize the on-platform marketing avenues, meaning the paid marketing campaigns, the amount of potential sign-ups and customers you could attract is truly vast. 


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