How to Use Facebook for B2B Marketing

In recent years, Facebook has become one of the best platforms to reach out to your target market and promote your business, but also one of the most under-utilized. The ability to use written word, images, pre-recorded videos and live streaming to engage your potential prospects cannot be underestimated.

Many small business owners disregard Facebook because they think that it isn’t suitable for B2B marketing, but the platform has over 2 billion monthly active users!

Let. That. Sink. In.

Pick your dream customer and you can be pretty sure that the decision makers for that business are Facebook users. Here are some tips to ensure that you grab their attention.

Understand the potential of live streaming

Imagine how amazing it would be if your business had its own TV channel to communicate directly with your audience. Using Facebook, you do. Every time you go live, all your followers are notified so that they know to tune in. If you go live at the same time, on the same day every week, then what’s the difference between that and having your own slot on a TV channel?

You could share stories of customer experiences during the week as well as take questions via the live interface and do a simple Q&A. It’s interactive so you’re able to build trust with the audience and they can communicate directly with your business. Plus, you can almost guarantee that your competitors aren’t doing it, so you’ll stand out from the crowd!

Don’t post text without an accompanying image

We’ve all scrolled through social media on auto-pilot and ventured past paragraphs of text that we can’t bring ourselves to read. One effective way to grab your audience’s attention is to design a simple image to accompany your post. By inserting an image with a bright background, friendly face and/or some sharp text on the image, you can break up the monotony of the standard Facebook font.

Did you happen to catch the smiling face we used on this blog?
Yes, that was to bring home a point. 

A well designed, polished image also shows attention to detail and adds a professionalism to your content that you don’t get from a standard written post that any Facebook user can write. It seems so simple, but it’s worth the time investment.

Facebook is perfect for developing leads

Of course, it goes without saying that you should be using your Facebook page to direct your audience to your website. By adding your Facebook Pixel to your website, it allows Facebook to recognize when a user visits your website. Then you can re-target ads focused solely on people that have already shown an interest in your product or service.

Using this advertising strategy, you should offer something of value at a discount or free. One example may be a free webinar which would require your prospect to leave their name and email. Talk about a simple way to collect new leads! You can then feed this into your database and start targeting them with an email campaign.


Facebook has unbelievable potential for business owners operating in B2B markets. It’s easy to dismiss it as irrelevant because B2B social media marketing might not seem as simple as B2C, but it’s effective when you employ the correct strategies. Consider it the perfect opportunity to take advantage of, especially while your competitors are not!