Marketing to the “Saved by the Bell” Generation

Marketers can’t overlook Generation X when developing digital strategies. The generation born between 1965 and 1980 is old enough to have known a time before the internet but young enough to have fully adapted to the changing tech trends.

You could say they lived the transition from analog to digital.

Impressively, they’re also likely to be at or near the height of their careers and buying power. It’s important that small business owners understand these unique traits to connect and effectively communicate to this generation.

Social media is the trendy communication route in marketing right now and refers to the current state of the internet. It’s easy to get sucked in when you look at the active monthly user stats, but it’s important to remember that effective marketing is a multi-faceted approach.

One way to connect with members of generation X is through email marketing. Think about it – is a click inside your email worth more than a “like” on a Facebook post? Who is more likely to buy from you?

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For a consumer to click a link inside your email, they must 1) signup for the email 2) open the email and 3) click your link inside the email. Now, how valuable is this consumer to you?

Generation X remembers AOL’s “You’ve Got Mail” marketing strategy and it was effective – they signed up for email! Although open rates and click-through rates of email aren’t as high as ten years ago, it’s still an effective strategy to reach your consumer. Just remember your audience and that they’ve probably tried on a pair of “Saved by the Bell” zubaz pants!